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As the price of fossil fuels is steadily increasing, more and more people are converting to natural sources of heat and the demand for firewood has never been more so than it is today.  Once you have made the initial investment in your wood stove/burner, the next task is to locate a local supplier of firewood.  The Arbtalk Firewood Directory is an online resource that covers the entire UK and provides wood fuel users throughout the country with a quick and easy way of finding a local supplier.

It's an easy to use directory....just fill in the search criteria and a list of suppliers in your chosen area will be displayed.  For each supplier you will find their company profile, contact details and where available, a link to their website.  All you need to do then is contact your chosen firewood supplier, arrange your order and wait for delivery of your logs.



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by Steve Beale in Firewood, Kindling

Producers of dry seasoned Kindling wood in monofilament bags for trade and retail customers. Ti...

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